10 recipes that'll make you fall in love with chocolate even harder

Here's a long list of recipes, including cakes, biscuits, cookies, milkshakes and mithais

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All of us can agree that we don't need a separate reason to overdose on chocolates, unless it is a new recipe that makes the experience a whole lot better.  We have curated a list of 10 such ideas that we're sure is going to rile up the choco-lover in you.

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Eggless chocolate cake
This recipe neither uses eggs, nor an oven. Just whip up a batter using condensed milk, flour, vinegar, cocoa powder and the usual baking powder, vanilla extract and plain milk and cook it in a pressure cooker on low heat for 40 minutes without a whistle. Recipe here

Chocolate rice crispies
Made using only four ingredients—melted chocolate, rice pearls, cashew nut powder and water, these crispies are made using the batter, which is then rolled into balls and refrigerated. It makes for a good indulgent snack as you work from home. Recipe here.

Chocolate barfi 
There are days when you want barfi, festival or not and this chocolate version is perfect for that. All you need is khoya, milk powder, cocoa powder, sugar and the will. Recipe here.

White chocolate Oreo balls
Crush Oreo cookies in a zip-lock bag till they turn into a fine powder and combine it with cream cheese frosting. Coat this mixture in melted white chocolate and roll it all into small snackable bites to grab whenever you are hungry. Recipe here. 

Chocolate brownie freakshake
It is understandable to want to go overboard with chocolate once in a while and this freakshake recipe is for then. It has everything from chocolate chips, gems, sprinkles, Nutella, Kit Kat to whipped cream, orange zest and a large brownie, to boot. Recipe here.

Chocolate dates
Chocolate covered dates are easily the most snackable treats on earth and making them is hassle-free as hell. Melt some chocolate using the double boiling technique, stuff the dates with dried fruits of your choice and coat them in the melted chocolate. There, you have it. Recipe here. 

White chocolate brownie 
Made with unsalted butter, white chocolate, castor sugar, eggs, flour and topped with raisins and walnuts, this white chocolate brownie is as decadent as it comes. Recipe here.

Chocolate sponge
This is one of the simplest sponge cake recipes that only calls for some eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa powder and vanilla essence. Beat the batter properly, bake it and you will have a treat ready to tuck into. Recipe here.

Chocolate banana smoothie
The combination of chocolate and banana can rarely go wrong so a smoothie made using the two is the safest bet for breakfast. Ours is made using unsweetened cocoa powder, strawberries and Nutella because we're extra like that. Recipe here.

Chocolate rum balls
A mixture of chocolate biscuits, condensed milk, melted chocolate, rum and dessicated coconut is rolled into balls to make these chocolate rum balls. Ideal for a house party, no? Recipe here.

Spiced hot chocolate
Melt some dark chocolate in milk and bring it all to a boil by adding cinnamon, cocoa powder, salt, vanilla extract, nutmeg, cardamom and a pinch of cayenne pepper, making it the best cuddle buddy. Recipe here.

If you enjoyed these recipes and are looking to deep-dive into the world of baking with chocolate, you must absolutely check out our class with chocolatier and pastry chef, Prateek Bakhtiani, who is the founder of Mumbai-based atelier Ether. Click here to register.

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