If you are wondering what to expect when you attend a class at Start2Bake, we have all your questions answered right here!

If you think your question is not answered then please leave a mail at info@start2bake.in or contact us at 7208874676

What is Start2Bake?

Brought to you by the minds behind India Food Network, a leading multi-format content platform focussed on food, Start2Bake is an online baking school. We foster a community of passionate bakers. If you are someone who thrives around the warmth of the oven and wishes to fuel your passion then this is your home.

What does Start2Bake have to offer?

Start2Bake intends to encourage home bakers to get streets ahead and bring quality baking to their homes. We offer tailor-made expert-led sessions that will ensure that you excel at the art of baking. Our classes speak to all kinds of bakers, be it someone who enjoys making the perfect crunchy and gooey macaroons or soft and fluffy bread.

Do we need to be a baker to enjoy the class?

You definitely don’t need to be an expert baker! Everyone is welcome at Start2Bake. All our sessions are suited for all levels of expertise. Whether you are a seasoned baker or someone who makes themselves a mug cake for late-night hunger pangs we welcome everyone who enjoys baking to join our sessions.

How to register for a class?

  • You can register for any of our sessions easily.
  • Simply login to our website start2bake.in
  • Choose the session that you like, click on the ‘pay’ button, and Viola! You are registered!
  • Once you have registered successfully you will receive an email acknowledging your registration.

Do you offer discounts for multiple registrations?

Sorry! There are no discounts for multiple registrations as each seat is treated equally. Several students have booked multiple sessions at full price.

What does a typical class feel like?

The experts start by sharing the cardinal rules of baking, walking you through what you should and should not use in the kitchen. They then pack the class with the recipes, answering questions along the way. The experts want to deliver as much as they can in 1-2 hours to their students and share their insights, tips, and tricks that are tucked under their sleeves.

How long is each session?

Depending on the class you choose, mostly between 2-3 hours but please allow some extra buffer time.

How to report an issue on the Website?

If you think your question is not answered then please leave a mail at info@start2bake.in or contact us at 7208874676

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