8 baking hacks for beginners

Team Start2Bake

If you are one of those people who feels like dashing into the kitchen each time you see a dessert on your Instagram feed and making it for yourself, you'll find these 11 nifty tips for baking beginners extremely useful. Check it out.

1) Treat it as fun, not as a task: Enter the kitchen with an open mind and you’ll come out a winner. Baking isn’t rocket science but it is science and can be easily mastered if you take the edge off.

2) Start with an easy recipe: Because once you’re successful, you’re more likely to try again. Simple human psychology. 

3) Read the recipe thoroughly and follow it to the T: Not a reader? Recipes aren’t long anyway. So read till you understand enough! As a first-time baker or beginner, step-by-step is the best way to go.

4) Keep all the ingredients ready for a hassle-free baking experience: Baking requires focus. You don’t want to be running around flustered looking for an ingredient.

5) You don’t need expensive baking tools: Investing in bakeware can seem futile if you’re not going to bake every day but you can whip up magic with just five baking essentials too! Stock up on measuring cups or a weighing scale, non-stick bakeware, a cooling rack, a hand or machine whisk and mixing bowls. And of course, silicon gloves, you don’t want to get burnt.

6) Don’t be impatient: Opening the oven or the fridge to keep checking on your labour of love is not going to make the process any faster. So, keep at bay.

7) Use parchment paper for smooth demoulding: A common tragedy for many beginner bakers is when you bake a treat to perfection but botch it up while demoulding it. Wait for your bake to cool down and use parchment paper to avoid this mishap.

8) Bake with your bestie: Good company can do wonders and it makes the process so much easier. When it comes to baking, there’s nothing like too many cooks spoil the broth. More the merrier.

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