Here are 5 Indian cookies that will make you feel nostalgic

Bring back all your childhood memories one delicious cookie at a time

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The tradition of tea and cookies is a longstanding one. Whether it's eating the savoury yellow butter cookies at the tea stall outside the office at 4 pm or opening another box of fruit biscuits from the Karachi Bakery around the corner, we Indians love our cookies. Paying homage to this iconic snack, here is a list of some of our favorite Indian cookies. 

Indian Shrewsberry

Shrewsbury is actually a quaint little English town Shropshire. But for anyone in India, it only means a flavourful, buttery cookie. Kayani bakery in Pune is famous across India for their adaptation of the classic cookie. It is a local as well as a tourist favorite and is to be available in many varieties, they can be plain, have cashews, raisins, ginger or be lemon-infused. Over the years, many bakeries have tried to sell their own versions of this popular cookie.

Here's one that will really jog your memory. The Indian nankhatai cookie really captures the essence of Indian tea-time. How the word came to be is a mystery but its literal meaning is derived from the Persian word "naan" meaning bread and the Afghan word "khatai" meaning biscuit. This rather dry looking biscuit melts in your mouth the moment you eat it and has been a family favourite for decades now.

Karachi Bakery biscuits

The Karachi bakery and their fruit biscuits became so popular that not only did it lead to the opening of several branches in the country but, it also became a widely stored snack in the pantry of an Indian household. The taste of these fruit biscuits is unique and no other bakery has come close to recreating it. Tourists do not leave Hyderabad without taking these cookies back with them as souvenirs.

Iyengar Bakery Khara Biscuit
Branches of this humble bakery are tucked away in almost every corner of Bengaluru. The century-old brand is still a local favorite and is known for its tea cakes and khaara biscuits. The khaara biscuit is a South Indian savory cookie with a hint of sweetness. The unique thing about this cookie is that chilies, coriander, and curry leaves are added to its batter!

Jam filled cookies
We cannot talk about Indian cookies without talking about Jim-Jams. This sandwich cookie with vanilla cream filling in between, a gooey berry jam at the centre and sugar crystals on the top might just be the cause of many sibling riots in Indian households. We don't blame them because quite frankly, who can resist a jam-filled cookie?

Which of them was your childhood favourite?

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