Cedric Grolet Inspired Entremets

Cedric Grolet Inspired Entremets (Online)

Language: English,Hindi

Instructors: Chef Minali Zaveri

When: 25th & 26th May 2023

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm


* About the class: 
In this class, you will learn how to make realistic fruit entremets that will make you love fruits more than ever & this beautiful miniature art will put you in awe of what you can create out of simple ingredients & unique techniques! 


Price: Rs 699 inclusive of GST
Date: 25th & 26th May 2023
Time: 3 pm to 4:30 pm (Online) 


* What you learn in this class?

1. Zesty Lemon (Kerala vanilla-infused Bavarian mousse adorned with lemon zest, lemon curd insert, chocolate glaze, and cocoa velvet spray)
2. Mango Delight (Tonka bean infused pastry cream, chunky mango jelly insert, chocolate glaze, cocoa velvet spray)Zesty Lemon is a Kerala vanilla-infused bavarian mousse adorned with lemon zest, lemon curd insert, chocolate glaze, and cocoa velvet spray sounds complicated but Chef Minali will break it down for you. Mango Delight is a Tonka bean-infused pastry cream with a chunky mango jelly insert, chocolate glaze, and some cocoa velvet spray. 


* About the chef:
A student of Financial Market, Chef Minali Zaveri holds her degree in pastry arts from Sophia College (Mumbai), Ferrandi (Paris). She was a Head Baker and teacher at an NGO for young adults with special needs, staged with several Michelin-starred restaurants, Jean Chauvel, in Paris. She has worked in a Japanese restaurant Kokoro and has remained the head pastry chef at The Table and Magazine Street Kitchen, Mumbai and is now the founder of The Crème Company, a pastry and bakery cloud kitchen for several restaurants in Mumbai that deals in B2B and B2C. She has been a pastry consultant in top restaurants in Mumbai and loves learning new things from others while sharing her knowledge too. 

* Who can make the most out of this session?

Baking professionals: Take your baking a notch higher at this workshop. If you’re a pastry chef running your own business, this class will give you ample ideas. 

Pastry students: Whether you just graduated or are pursuing pastry at a culinary school, this class will help you polish your skills. 

Food bloggers: Feed your feed with new recipes and ideas by signing up for this curated class and watching the magic unfold.

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