Healthy Dessert Alternatives With Chef Ayesha Nallaseth

Super Healthy Desserts

Language: English

Instructors: Chef Ayesha Nallaseth


* About the class:
This class teaches how to make completely healthy renditions of your favourite desserts.


* What you will learn in this class?

  • Torta Caprese
  • Sprouted Millet & Dark Chocolate Energy Bars
  • Dark Chocolate Quinoa Crisper 


* About the dishes:
Chef Nallaseth is known for her penchant with cheesecakes, but also has a good hold on healthy baking. In this class, you can learn how to whip a traditional Italian cake, Torta Caprese, alongside quick tidbits, such as a dark chocolate and quinoa-based crisper and energy bars infused with the goodness of sprouted millet and amped up with the intensity of chocolate.



* About the chef:
Ayesha Nallaseth quit her career in content to delve into the world of baking about 12 years ago. Currently, she owns Basque Tarta De Queso that’s known for it’s delicious cheesecakes. From torta caprese to dark chocolate quinoa crispers, whip up the tastiest desserts with healthier alternatives by signing up for this special workshop.


* Who can make the most out of this session?

Home bakers: If you have a home kitchen, and are looking to up the offerings on your menu or pick up new skills, this class is perfect for you

Hobbyists: Love spending your weekends baking or, looking for fun ideas for an upcoming party or event at home? Sign up for this class

Baking professionals: Take your baking a notch higher at this workshop. If you’re a pastry chef running your own business, this class will give you ample ideas

Food bloggers: Feed your feed with new recipes and ideas by signing up for this curated class and watch the magic unfold 

Pastry students: Whether you just graduated or are pursuing pastry at a culinary school, this class is sure to help you polish your skills

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