Jams & Spreads Workshop

Jams & Spreads Workshop

Language: English

Instructors: Chef Gunjan Sharma


*About the class:
If you swear by jams and spreads for your morning breakfast or find yourself tasting a spoonful of it at random hours of the day, this workshop is just right for you. Learn from the comfort of your homes to make a delicious set of jams and spreads using fresh fruits easily available near you.


*What you will learn in this class?

•Deep understanding of nature of different fruits, vegetables and the concept of pectin
•Understanding acidity level
•Deep understanding how to work with sugar/ jaggery and other alternative sugars
•How to store final products from 4 months to 1 year
•Proper sanitisation of jars and storage containers 
•How to maintain natural colour 
•Working on 6 seasonal (Fruits and vegetable) jams, jellies and marmalades that includes:
-Mango/pear jam(soft fruits)
-Watermelon jam
-Pineapple clove jam(hard fruits)
-Orange Rum marmalade (marmalades with alcohol)
-Turmeric lemon marmalade (marmalade with spices)
-Grape jelly (jellies making)
-Chocolate cherry jam
-Tomato & herb jam 
-Coffee caramel Jam spread 


*About the dishes:
Jam, essentially a sweet soft condiment made by cooking fruits in sugar syrups in order to preserve them is a popular buy in almost every household and this workshop is going to help you decode the basics of the same from scratch to help you make fresh batches for yourself from the comfort of your own homes. From orange rum marmalade to coffee caramel jam spread, we promise you this workshop is going to be nothing short of a surprise. Join now to learn more!


Price: Rs 1,499 inclusive of GST


*About the chef:
Gunjan Sharma, the creative head and head instructor of Métier PECA, a baking & culinary school is based out of Delhi and has been baking since she was 12. A recipe curator, she is also passionate about coming up with new content ideas that plays a pivotal role in keeping her students excited. Join this interactive live workshop with chef Gunjan to learn more.


*Who is this for?
Home bakers: If you have a home kitchen, and are looking to up the offerings on your menu or pick up new skills, this class is perfect for you

Hobbyists: Love spending your weekends baking or, looking for fun ideas for an upcoming party or event at home? Sign up for this class

Food bloggers: Feed your feed with new recipes and ideas by signing up for this curated class and watch the magic unfold 

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