Sinful Chocolates With Chef Prateek Bakhtiani

Sinful Chocolates

Language: English

Instructors: Chef Prateek Bakhtiani


* About this class:
See the many avatars of chocolate at it gourmet best in this nuanced class by chef Prateek Bakhtiani, where you can learn four unique, high-on-skill desserts. 


* What you will learn in this class?

  • Poires Belle Hélène
  • Smoked Chocolate and Berry Tart
  • Bourbon Cioccolato Caldo
  • Chocolate and Chestnut Financier


* About the dishes:
In this class you will learn to make poires belle hélène, which is a poached pear with ice cream; smoked chocolate and berry tart, and Italian-style, rich hot chocolate, bourbon cioccolato caldo, along side a chocolate and chestnut financier, which is a French petit-four. 


Price: Rs. 2299 inclusive of GST


* About the chef:
Prateek Bakhtiani is best known for his imaginative take on desserts and elevated pastries. He owns a chocolate atelier in Mumbai called Ether, often plays around with bold textures and flavours that remain true to their provenance. Bakhtiani’s class is specially curated in a manner such that it can help professionals polish their skills further.

* Who can make the most out of this session?

Baking professionals: Take your baking a notch higher at this workshop. If you’re a pastry chef running your own business, this class will give you ample ideas

Pastry students: Whether you just graduated or are pursuing pastry at a culinary school, this class is sure to help you polish your skills

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