Stuffed Sliders

Stuffed Sliders

Language: English

Instructors: Chef Bhuvneshwari Saigal


*About the class:
This class is curated to ensure your house-parties are never going be to boring again. Sign up to make the coolest set of stuffed sliders to keep both your guests and tastebuds ecstatic!

*What you will learn in this class:

  • One pan slider buns 
  • Different fillings -buffalo chicken filling
  • Caramelised onion and chipotle filling 
  • Home-made garlic butter,chipotle garlic butter


*About the dishes:
In this class, chef Bhuvneshwari Saigal will teach you to make a variety of stuffed sliders that we guarantee is going to help you fulfill all your snack-cravings whenever you please. From one pan slider buns, to delectable buffalo chicken fillings, chipotle fillings and more this class is going to be a fun ride of all things delicious you cannot miss. 

Price: Rs 699 inclusive of GST


*About the chef:
Bhuvneshwari Saigal is a cuisine chef, who specialises in Culinary Research and Education. After working at Celini, Grand Hyatt and Frangipani, The Trident Nariman Point she found her niche in Education and Research. She went on to working with Foodhall Cookery Studio as a Chef Instructor. She has conducted numerous workshops for both beginner and the advanced level. Currently Bhuvneshwari works in the food media sector and also freelances as a food content strategist. Chef Saigal is going to guide you to bake a bunch of these celebratory cakes to help take your festive game a notch higher!

Who is this class for
Home bakers: If you have a home kitchen, and are looking to up the offerings on your menu or pick up new skills, this class is perfect for you

Hobbyists: Love spending your weekends baking or, looking for fun ideas for an upcoming party or event at home? Sign up for this class

Food bloggers: Feed your feed with new recipes and ideas by signing up for this curated class and watch the magic unfold 

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