Monogram Tart Cakes With Chef Parth Bajaj

Monogram Tart Cakes

Language: English

Instructors: Chef Parth Bajaj


* About the class:
Join this class to learn the special skill of baking monogram or letter cakes for special orders, or even a special someone.

* What you learn in this class:

  • This class will entail a step-by-step guide on putting together stencil, letter or monogram tart cakes and will include the following module:
  • Learn to make a vanilla tart dough (includes tips on a chocolate variation)
  • Two types of frosting: Russian vanilla buttercream and dark chocolate ganache
  • Decorating with various types of toppings
  • How to make a customizable stencil
  • Assembly of the cake 
  • Tips on how to price the cake
  • Recommended brands
  • Shelf care and packaging

* About the dishes:
In this informative workshop, chef and blogger, Parth Bajaj will show you what goes behind making the highly customisable monogram tart cake. Right from the base, to decoration techniques, making stencils for new designs to packaging, pricing and shelf care tips, this class will include it all.

Price: Rs 599 inclusive of GST

* About the chef:
Parth Bajaj is a home baker, recipe developer, food blogger, photographer and TV show host. He is also the owner of a home bakery named Plated By Parth. He has hosted numerous workshops on a variety of topics, especially related to baking. If you love a good tart this class is for you.

* Who can make the most out of this session?

Home bakers: If you have a home kitchen, and are looking to up the offerings on your menu or pick up new skills, this class is perfect for you

Hobbyists: Love spending your weekends baking or, looking for fun ideas for an upcoming party or event at home? Sign up for this class

Baking professionals: Take your baking a notch higher at this workshop. If you’re a pastry chef running your own business, this class will give you ample ideas

Food bloggers: Feed your feed with new recipes and ideas by signing up for this curated class and watch the magic unfold 

Pastry students: Whether you just graduated or are pursuing pastry at a culinary school, this class is sure to help you polish your skills

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